Current Projects

Nest Box Program Results for 2011 Season

Volunteers have completed another year of successful bird nesting recruitment at Lake Red Rock. Over 468 hours were donated toward cleaning, maintaining, and managing 116 eastern bluebird boxes and 3 purple martin houses. Throughout the spring and summer, volunteers recorded the species, counted eggs, banded chicks, and counted a total of 291 chicks fledged. Recruitment included bluebirds, chickadees, tree swallows, and purple martins. Overall numbers were fairly consistent with recent trends with exception of one purple martin house being overrun by non-native House Sparrows.

Missouri River Energy Services Announces Plans to Build Hydro Facility

Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) has announced its intent to proceed with the planning and development of a hydroelectric generating facility at the Red Rock Reservoir on the Des Moines River.

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New Buildings for North Overlook Beach

While temperatures may be a bit on the nippy side right now, swimmers and sunbathers have something to look forward to for next summer:   New restroom/change buildings at the North Overlook Beach.  The two buildings include eight family-style restrooms, and six of them offer a shower facility to rinse off after a leisurely dip.  One building also includes a concession area. The buildings are pre-engineered structures from Romtec, a company based in Roseburg, Oregon.

Red Rock Water Trails – Updated

Water Trails Map (pdf)

Not only is the first ever Lake Red Rock Wilderness Camp in progress, but so is the first ever official Red Rock Water Trail system. We have worked with the Iowa DNR to secure a grant that will make this water trail system a reality!

Watch throughout the summer of 2010 as signage is placed at boat ramps. This will provide a tool for navigating the lake via paddle sports. It will inform you of mileage to the next port as well as helpful tips.
View of Bluffs from the water

Save the Lake – siltation initiative

The best farm land in the world is accumulating at the bottom of Lake Red Rock at the rate od 465,000 dump truck loads per year. It can’t be completely stopped, but it can be mitigated and the life of the lake and our farms can be extended many years. Click on the below brochure to learn more about our proposed solution and how to get involved.

save the lake (pdf)

Kids Outdoors Program

The Kids Outdoors Program has a goal to offer experiences to improve physical and mental health, encourage environmental stewardship and educate on recreational safety. For years the Army Corps of Engineers has offered great educational programs to area visitors and area school classrooms. This new program is geared to leverage those great human resources the Corps offers with do-it-yourself recreational resources.

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